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Where is Speaker Pelosi's Sergeant At Arms?

Capitol Police Chief Steve Sund and Sergeant At Arms for both the House and Senate have all resigned. Capitol police Chief Sunds had tried to get extra security from the National Guard before the peaceful protest, but was told by both SAA's that they would: “run it up the chain” and get back to him. This is after photos of Sund and Pence were leaked out showing them fist-bumping in the alleyway behind the Capitol Building after Pence was taken outside when ANTIFA/BLM stormed the interior chambers.

House SAA Paul D. Irving (below) has since fled Washington DC on orders from his boss, Nancy Pelosi. No one knows his whereabouts.

Senate SAA Michael Stenger (below) who's boss is Mitch McConnell, told Capitol Police Chief Sunds that he should “use his National Guard contacts and ask them to lean forward just in case” they needed help.

Mayor Muriel Bowser (below) also told Federal Law Enforcement separate from Capitol Police that “they wouldn't be needed” because she didn't want people to think she treated Trump Supporters differently than the ANTIFA/BLM terrorists she condones.

John Falcicchio, Bowser's Chief of Staff reported Sund was “literally crying for help”. Help did not arrive until 1700 hours that day. Where is the House Sergeant At Arms Paul Irving and why is Nancy Pelosi hiding him?

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