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Trump Gives Rousing Speech in Valdosta, GA

December 5, 2020

Tonight Trump gave a crowd-packing speech saying "We don't surrender, We never give up". He also lauded praise on the running candidates, midway through the presentation. Videos of the Grand Fraud played on the big screens. Trump drove home the philosophy of "America First" panning China and blaming it for the Corona Virus and a formerly sick economy, rightfully so. Sowing videos of eye-witness accounts of voter fraud, he slammed MSM for not reporting on the matters at hand.

Topics included: Iran, Veterans Affairs, Wars, Antifa Attacks, The Big Steal, Section 320, School Indoctrination, and The Flag among other subjects. He reminded Us that: "We are a Nation In God We Trust" and also reminded America that We come from times that required Great Intestinal Fortitude and have always fought for Our Great Country, no matter what the sacrifice and that the "Best is yet to Come". He said he is "Draining the Swamp" and spoke of "America's Destiny". He urged All, that We "Never Give Up, Never Back Down and Never Surrender, for We are Americans and Our hearts bleed red, white and blue". Trump called Us: "One Movement, One People, One Family, In a Nation Under God" and "Our country is wealthy again, We are proud again and We will Make America Great Again".

Crowds looked to be well into the thousands and were well-spirited.

People stretched from one side of Air Force One to well past the other side, fanning into the distance.

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