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America has become a nation of self-righteous patriots who would rather sit behind the safety of their computer generating echo chambers, re-posting from various social media outlets who are all the same: Only interested in the advertisement value of their respective sites and telling their audience what they desperately want to hear, while not acting physically to serve the “common cause”. Riding the wave, collecting any dollar they can find. This applies to many of the “patriots” subscribing to these outlets, using them to further their respective bases. An example would be a lot of these “trains” you see going around. They are reminiscent of when Zynga was trying to get customers for their games and sent out chain mails for people to friend each other so that it would have a larger customer base. Apps are crawling out of the woodwork promising individual broadcasting (pods) that your subscribers would pay for and go into your pocket. “Express yourself” they all chant. Trolls abound, disguising themselves just like your benefactors described above. Turn on the TV and all you see is subliminal messaging: “The New Us”, The New Now and ingrained in all presentations. You want more followers like the Millennials? Show nothing but ass shaking on the Music awards (like tonight), including the frog-eyed host and they get turned on, have sex and Voila'! A whole new generation. The Them generation. The new fashion is garb imitating the homeless. An acceptance to what they will all be under socialism. Social Justice by on-line gangs doxxing anyone who doesn't “fit in” until the masses conform to a certain demographic. The idea is to lose your identity so you see civilization as an entity and not consisting of separate identities, making the whole. ”Don't believe? Just look. Stories like water in a stream, all conducting the same purpose, saturate your feed, imposing a mindset to further their agenda. You don't know what to believe. We are now at a point where EVERYthing is questionable. Even the person you are rooting for. Playing on the sense of disenfranchisement that you are living constantly if you care which world you are living in. If we have all the cards and evidence of their existence and actions, why aren't people in cuffs? Are we being placated so we don't rise up and regain our local, state and national governments? Seems like it to me. You are in a half-sleep America. Wake up. Time to Mobilize. Look for groups to join. Your ancestors expect it from you.

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