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MSM tonight: Patriot Plight is: "Against the People's Will"

December 10, 2020:

ABCNews tonight said that Trump is trying to overturn "The People's Will". Seriously? An old Communist Propaganda term reminiscent of the Cold War? Us older guys get it. We fought them for 50 years after the World Wars and now they prey on the weakest-minded Americans: Those who believe their Dog and Pony show. Those unaware of anything before 1990. Remember we have 20 -year old citizens who were not even alive when the Towers fell, poor souls flinging themselves into Oblivion to escape the crushing fall of the building. MSM lost their minds while trying to report the additional states falling in line with the present SCOTUS suit. To do so would admit that it might actually be true and MSM will fight the truth long after Trump is gone. They won't quit until they are stifled and we all know that's a slippery slope involving the first amendment and that will tie up SCOTUS until 2120. Better to fill the time slot with stories about how the two people killed by Pfizer had a “long history of severe allergic reactions”. I don't believe that Bullshit and I know if you're reading this, you don't either. Once you see one instance of them bending popular mind control, you can't stop seeing it. If you try and look up anything Trump, they tell you he is leaving the Presidency:

Typically it comes up different websites featuring the same exact story down to the wording, except a different title or a different site:

When looking up “Trump Christmas Speech” Every single result takes you to some form of ABCNews-a/k/a: Disney- a/k/a: Hollywood.

Now you know, look for yourself and don't be shy about conversing about it publicly. People know MSM is making their own stories- and with Treasonous Intent, I might add, but show as many as you can their Social Sculpturing. It's the only thing we can do to lift the Blinders.

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