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Is It Over? Trump Hints at 2024 Run at WH Christmas Party

Last night (12/02/2020) President Trump hinted at a 2024 run by saying to the crowd that:

"It's been an amazing four years. We're trying to do another four years. Otherwise, I'll see you in four years."

Personally, I hope not, however, I've been thinking/feeling that this may be the case. Trump is a great man and certainly would not want his people to suffer needlessly if he could complete his mission. His mission, however, seems to be at a stall and even bringing it to the Supreme Court is going to uncover even more widespread corruption, notwithstanding the accusations of SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts being linked to Paedophilia, ie: The "Lolita Express" manifest with his name on it. Given previous rulings and the continuous surprises we've experienced since November 3rd, I fully expect the SCOTUS to rule in Sloppy Joe's favor. In my humble opinion, we have been placated by EVERYone not to rise up. Besides, Do you have a foolproof plan to regain the WH for Trump? Are you personally going to rise up and take the reins or at the very least seek out your kindred spirits and form networks and plans? Too late. You've got 50 days and you don't have the means nor the time. If Trump had the slightest inkling to enforce his State of Emergency Executive Order, do you truly believe he would have even uttered the words: "See you in four years"? Not the man I knew. Not the man I first met in an elevator on one of his properties, who, after introducing himself, asked me "Do you see anywhere I can improve?" That man doesn't know the meaning of the word defeat. I realize absolute power changes man in all his facets, credo included, but that is something the Donald I knew would never entertain: Defeat.

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