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No one knows what the future will bring except for GOD. With that in mind, I am forming a network of Patriots willing to ACT, not sit idly, when the Time comes. If prior Military (no such thing as Ex-Military) and are still willing to fight for your country's Honor, please: 1) Follow me and shoot me a msg stating intent. 2) Echo this so we may grow our base. In return, I will keep you posted on Logistics and Incoming Info pertaining to Mobilization. I'm not talking about Proud Boys BS, I'm conveying actual Militia Membership and need you to provide me with Intel also, so that I may distribute it accordingly. Once intent is established, further info will be exchanged. I will keep you on a secured password encrypted file and your name on my followers list will be intertwined with those that do not heed the call. We are still protected under the Constitution and I intend to keep us that way. God Bless America!

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