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Black Lives Matter Movement Domestic Terrorist Organization Nominated for Nobel PEACE Prize

January 31, 2021 16:30 hrs EST:

MSM announced last night that the Black Lives Matter Movement Domestic Terrorist Organization has been nominated and is in the running for the 2021 Nobel PEACE Prize. Not Nobel “Let's set the country on fire” Prize. Not the Nobel “How many people can we beat up” Prize. Not the Nobel “ I'm going to make a camp and over-run the local Law Enforcement Agency” Prize. Not the Nobel “We're going to crap in the streets and be homeless” Prize. Yes, that's correct: THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.

How low Humanity has sank that we even entertain this idea, or for that matter, ALLOW them to execute this farce. I saw this and it literally took 16 hours for it to sink in to the extent that I could even FATHOM such nonsense. I was almost picking up the pieces of my brain off the floor from the explosion in my skull. What is the strategy behind this maneuver? Civil War? Insurrection (what a joke that has been)?

To further mentally condition you and break down the last barrier of Sanity? But here we are. American'ts so out of touch with reality that this thought was planned, passed and entered into Fact without so much as a shrug of the shoulder or the usual: “That figures” and back the head goes into the sand, blissful in the Communist-made cocoon. Normally I would say: “Well. If that doesn't make you do something, nothing will”, but we all know American'ts will do NOTHING.

Looks like your Grandchildren will be fixing the mistake you were too much of a pussy to resist. Actually probably not, since you let them educate your children in the Communist Education Camps we call the American School System. But don't worry. Soon we'll have our own RE-education camps and the already busy Thought and Mind Control Police will erase your memory of all Sanity and the desire to be FREE.

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