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Biden/Fauci wanted for questioning in Houston County, Texas

Presidential Election Thief Joe “I Like 'em Young” Biden and Medical Hack Tony “Let Them Wear Masks” Fauci are presently wanted for questioning in Houston County, The Great State of Texas, Home of beautiful Davy Crockett National Forest.

Judge Clyde Black, (below) current Justice of the Peace of the Texas County has issued Peace Bond Warrants for the Undynamic Duo this week on the grounds of them breaking various state laws through present ineffective Immigration Policy, Rights Violations under the COVID19 ruse and the looming threat of Second Amendment Restrictions.

Judge Black stated: “People in my county are nervous. No one would admit to being scared – people here aren't afraid of much – and people have come to me concerned about what's happening. They think they might get in trouble if they go to church. Some of the mandated stuff with COVID bothers them. They are worried about their ability to speak freely.” Certainly some if not all concerns raise serious questions about Pedo-Joe's ability to uphold the Constitution as his current actions since his supposed “election” indicate he his bent on destroying our sacred Constitution as we know it. Neither Joe “Sniffem” or “Totally useless” Fauci have responded, presently. Feel free to contact Judge Black's office to offer your support of his upholding the Constitution at:

Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Judge Clyde Black 700 South 4th Street Crockett, Texas 75835 936-544-2564 936-544-1460 Fax

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