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America, Men and Guns

From the very beginning at birth, Men have had expectations: To be Strong, To be Silent, To take Care of his Family, to Safeguard his Way of Life, to be the Master of his Destiny and to be a Good Father, among other things. When men of a certain age (50+) were born, the world was nothing as it is today. Men kept promises, had a firm handshake, did not shirk responsibility and were Devout. Devout in both their religion and way of life. The American Way. The American Way was shaped by not backing down.

Saying no to Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, the USSR, Iran, the Occupation of the Middle East, etc. All this and world dominance helped keep the whole country safe. In order to achieve this guns were used, big and small, bombs were detonated, lives were both saved and lost. Explosive arms being a natural step in Mankind's evolution of weapons. That being said, Man was trained and expected to use guns in an orderly, safe and respectful manner in relation to it's danger. Guns weren't considered bad, they were considered Tools. Education on it's Merits, Faults and Dangers were addressed bluntly, publicly and personally. Boy Scouts had a marksmanship badge. Government Programs donated guns and instilled safety practices to youth. Everyone had a gun-rack in their truck or a pistol under the seat or in the trunk of their car.

Most men went hunting when given the chance, killing only what they could eat. Cowboys were still King in the theaters and everyone respected the lifestyle of being a firearms owner. Guns were both Recreational and Defensive and a Vital component of the American Way. Man didn't want to use the gun against another, but by God, if he had to, at least he was Prepared. A gun is all you need in your toolbox when Danger, World Dominance or Destruction falls upon you. A gun will bring you food. A gun will keep others from Taking your Food. A gun is the last Line of Defense and the first Tool of Offense. You're certainly not going to grab a butter knife from your kitchen drawer when a gun is right there next to it when That Guy you see on T.V. is breaking your back door to get in and take your things and probably Kill You. Dead witnesses are the best witnesses. A gun makes the Government think twice about occupying your Home. A gun provides Detente. The single most effective deterrent to Mankind's baser instincts since the beginning of time has been Detente. That, is why Men own Guns.

Non-gun owners will never consider nor embrace that concept and will always think they are Smarter. It's not the Smarter we're protecting ourselves from. It's the Dumber. The ones dumb enough to go against Society's Rules and Laws. The Forefathers knew that and wrote the Constitution as being Irrefutable. Real Men have guns. Men who don't own guns are not Manly and incapable of protecting what is his. I mean, seriously. What kind of Man doesn't protect his Family Every way possible? You will never take our guns.

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