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Hello.Excuse me for the bad English. I would like letters with thick biting one only to mill. Unfortunately the txtexp command incompletely my good number. A line would be suitable on the middle of the letters only for me. Is onto this solution the autocadbenI attached a picture.Hello everyone.

To the editing of the corrosive orbit into the scheme being from letters line chain is made to need make. This the txtexp turned out with a command. It was ready so line chain the corrosive needle corrodes it round, this very much work, much time. A thicker corrosive head would be capable to bite simultaneously the letter and it would not be necessary to burn it round. To this it should be a leader on the middle of the letters on the other hand, and not round his edges. Trust you see it better so in him what I would like to solve.

Althogh txtexp command of express tools, works fine in the lack of such internal command, but it has a bug. In some cases, it moves newly exploded text far away from the original location and changes the size of it. Is there any suggestion to correct this bug

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Open your AutoCAD project and click \"Express Tools\" in the menu.\n\nStep\u00a02\nClick the \"Modify Text\" drop-down menu in the toolbar and select \"Explode.\"\n\nStep\u00a03\nClick the text that you want to change into polylines. The insides of the letters are covered in crossing li


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