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Wifi Password Elite Hackers.36

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in 2013, a group of russian-speaking hackers compromised routers around the world, and issued a paper claiming that they had hacked more than 5 million ip addresses and credential information. the hacking group stated that it did so to make money from their data.

the hackers used dchp to install a malicious version of firmware onto compromised machines. this malicious firmware allowed them to use a legitimate service, such as a telnet server, to steal usernames and passwords of users who were following best security practices and using the appropriate passwords. a year ago, the following two usernames and passwords appeared in a list of victims used by one of the hackers: admin/12345, root/12345, admin/123456, root/123456, admin/1234567, root/1234567, etc.

alternatively, using the fingerprints of passwords can help the hackers to discover a password. suppose, for example, that you have the password 1232 and want to find its origin. the digits of the fingerprint of the password1232 will be 1 1 2. using this information, the fingerprint of the password f1 will be 12 32. for the password f2, the fingerprint is 132. these two passwords are password-sharing siblings, but if they had been both selected at random, they would be distantly related. if we follow this method of calculating fingerprints, we can generate any fingerprint that starts with 1, 2, 3, 1, 2,3, 1, 2, 3, 1 and so on, up to 10. for each such potential fingerprint, use the related password to calculate the fingerprint of the password that is associated with it (using the table described above), then determine whether this new fingerprint is also a password-sharing sibling. if the fingerprints are indeed related, then we know that the true password generating the fingerprint is one of the possible ones. but if the fingerprint doesnt match any other fingerprints in the table, then we know that the true original password is not contained in the list and so it is not one of the possible ones. the advantage of this method is that it is independent of the original password dictionary. 3d9ccd7d82


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