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Army Men: Battle Alert Download PC Game

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Army Men: Battle Alert Download PC Game

Command & Conquer: Red Alert is a real-time strategy video game in the Command & Conquer franchise, produced by Westwood Studios and released by Virgin Interactive Entertainment in 1996. The second game to bear the Command & Conquer title, Red Alert is the prequel to the original Command & Conquer of 1995,[3][4][5][6] and takes place in the alternate early history of Command & Conquer when Allied Forces battle an aggressive Soviet Union for control over the European mainland.

By October 1997, Counterstrike had sold 650,000 copies worldwide after its launch in April of that year. According to Westwood, this made it the all-time fastest-selling expansion pack for a computer game by that point.[68] The Counterstrike add-on included the secret Ant Missions titled "It Came from Red Alert", where the player battles against an army of giant, mutant ants.

Fight in the trenches of real-world battle areas set in the plastic toy world, or fight in the trenches of backyard gardens, using gnomes, flowers, and garden hoses as extra defense against the enemy. And just when the Tan army falls back, the ant or cockroach army comes rolling in, with the wildlife getting their own back on you.

Army Men: Sarge's War features a linear, mission-based structure that should be familiar to action-game veterans. You'll have a primary objective in each level with a varying number of assorted secondary objectives, such as capturing the tan army's flag hidden in each level or destroying a certain number of structures. The levels are broken up into sections that you'll travel between over the course of a level. Gameplay is pretty standard for a third-person shooter, and the controls let you lock onto a target, strafe, crouch, and perform all the actions you'd expect from a game in this genre. While the control is still being tweaked, the game handles pretty well even in its rough state. In addition to the single-player mode, the game will offer a split-screen multiplayer mode for up to four players.

The audio in the game plays a large part in conveying the game's darker tone, thanks to Sarge's moody voice-overs and commentary, as well as the ambient sound in the levels. Sarge's Snake Plissken-like growl and gunfire and battle cries off in the distance are effective at providing context for action in the game. You'll also hear a solid selection of effects for the various weapons in Sarge's arsenal. The game is slated to offer Dolby Pro Logi II support.

In Sarge's War, you play as Sarge, a gruff, battle-hardened, plastic soldier who commands a squad within the Green army. Like in the previous Army Men titles, your antagonists are the vile Tan army. However, Sarge's War actually starts out with the two sides working toward a peace agreement, with only a small sect of the Tan military holding out. Of course, this small sect almost immediately turns into a much larger threat, and eventually, it will be up to you to become an army of one, as it were, and smash up the renegade Tans. As much as this might sound like the makings of a good, old-fashioned shoot-'em-up, the action in Sarge's War sadly doesn't quite live up to the premise.

Further compounding the general unpleasantness of Sarge's War's gameplay is the seemingly nonstop onslaught of dull missions. Each and every mission is exactly the same, with only a couple of varying objectives popping up from time to time. Usually you'll just have to pick up a conveniently placed time bomb and drop it on one of the Tan army's big pieces of artillery or onto a fence that's blocking your path, and in the time between finding the bomb and planting it, you can shoot every bad guy in your path. Occasionally, you'll find yourself using a turret gun or staving off marginally more difficult enemies (such as some elite Tan soldiers that can turn invisible); but for the most part, it's just a straight shot through each level with very few twists or turns to speak of. After about


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