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The following is a list of software products related to 3D animation and modeling, mostly developed by Autodesk. The list includes different versions of Maya, a popular and powerful 3D software used by professionals and hobbyists alike. It also includes some plugins and addons that enhance the functionality of Maya, such as Reallusion iClone 3DXchange, Advanced Skeleton, and Interactive Storyboard. Some of the products are no longer supported or updated by the developers, while others are still in active development. The list is ordered by the release date of each product, from the most recent to the oldest.

1. Autodesk Maya 2023: The latest version of Maya, released in August 2021. It features improvements in animation, modeling, rendering, rigging, and simulation tools. It also supports USD (Universal Scene Description) workflows and Python 3 scripting.

2. Autodesk Maya 2023.1: A minor update to Maya 2023, released in October 2021. It fixes some bugs and adds some new features, such as a new UV editor and a new curve warp deformer.

3. Reallusion iClone 3DXchange 7.8.5111.1 Pipeline: A plugin that allows users to import and export 3D characters and animations between iClone and Maya. It supports various file formats, such as FBX, OBJ, and BVH. It also enables users to edit and customize the imported assets in iClone.

4. Unity Pro 2021.2.17: The latest version of Unity, a popular game engine and development platform. It allows users to create games and interactive experiences for various platforms, such as PC, mobile, web, VR, and AR. It also integrates with Maya and other 3D software through FBX files and other formats.

5. Unity Pro 2019 Addons Support Files: A collection of files that enable users to use some addons and plugins for Unity Pro 2019, such as TextMesh Pro, Cinemachine, Timeline, Post Processing Stack, etc.

6. Autodesk Maya 2016 3 Jears License Key: A license key that allows users to activate and use Maya 2016 for three years. Maya 2016 is an older version of Maya that was released in April 2015. It introduced new features such as parallel rig evaluation, sculpting tools, adaptive foam in Bifrost, and XGen enhancements.

7. Autodesk Maya 2015: Another older version of Maya that was released in April 2014. It added new features such as Bifrost procedural effects platform, XGen arbitrary primitive generator, Geodesic voxel binding, ShaderFX, etc.

8. Autodesk Maya 2012: A very old version of Maya that was released in April 2011. It improved the viewport performance and quality, added new simulation options for nCloth and nParticles, enhanced the animation layering system, etc.

9. Autodesk Maya 2008: One of the earliest versions of Maya that was released in August 2007. It introduced new features such as nCloth dynamic cloth simulation system, mental ray rendering improvements, Python scripting support, etc.

10. Maya: A generic name for the software product developed by Alias Wavefront (later acquired by Autodesk) since 1998. It is a 3D computer graphics application that can be used for various purposes such as animation, modeling, rendering, simulation,


11-86: Other versions or variants of Maya or related products that have different release dates or features or compatibility issues.

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