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Buy Instagram Promotion

Although cross-promotion is a smart move, bear in mind that each social platform has its own best practices. For example, Instagram tends to go heavier on the hashtags while you might want to craft a slightly different description for images posted to Facebook.

You can promote active stories and stories that have been featured in your highlights or archived. However, keep in mind that you can use only certain tappable elements such as hashtags, mentions, polls and location tags. Stories with GIFs, emojis, music and other such elements are not eligible for Instagram promotions.

Your Instagram Story promotion will run once it has been reviewed and approved by Instagram. The active story on your profile will disappear after 24 hours. However, it will still run as a promoted story for the duration that you have set.

Select a service that you need for your promotion, then click on the required number. In the order form, indicate your username and a target link. After that, select a payment method and your order is almost complete. As soon as we receive the payment, we will start processing your order!

Because of the new filter on Instagram for protection against paid promotion, the drops can constitute 10-15%. In this regard, we will send you 20% more than ordered so that you receive all the amount of followers you have ordered.

We have been working for several years in the promotion field and have already managed to earn a good reputation in the market. If you skim or website, you will find many positive reviews. We value our reputation, and our work is aimed at long-term cooperation.

The results from that campaign were even less impressive. I wanted to try again just in case the first time was a fluke. This also gave me two trials to report using different types of photos. The results for both promotions were less than I expected. If I wanted to gain 20,000 followers it would cost roughly $25,000. Obviously this stat is a bit misleading considering I would hopefully continue to grow and produce without any campaigning, but strictly looking at the data it puts the cost per follower into perspective.

Agreed. If anything, the problem with paying for Instagram promotion is that you end up losing more than you ever gain. You would do better just by posting three or more photos a day - along with doing real-live events where people can see your work and follow you accordingly.

It's certainly not easy to break through. I think if I just spent more time actually on instagram, it might be possible. However I personally don't even really like the platform but find it a necessary evil.

Ultimately, using an Instagram promotion service will allow you to grow your Instagram following with real users that engage with your account; this is also known as organic growth, which is totally permitted by Instagram itself.

So, currently, you need high levels of engagement to perform optimally against the Instagram algorithm, and since Instagram promotion services help to get you noticed by real users, that is a logical increase as well.

Our top option to get real Instagram followers and engagements is Growthoid. Growthoid has been a chosen option by thousands of Instagram users and they have proved to be one of the best, fully-managed Instagram promotion services.

Once you choose one of these Instagram promotion services, you can then use the 5 strategies listed above to enhance the results and get even more growth for your Instagram account. That way, you get the true competitive edge you need to have a solid Instagram presence.

Hi Ana,Thanks for writing this article. Wondering if you ever faced such a glitch with IG timeline post promotion.At the ad level, I have chosen an existing IG timeline post. My campaigns are running fine and paid likes are showing on the IG timeline but not comments.IF I login to IG as the brand and check the specific post, I can see comments. As a normal user, these are not showing up in IG.Ca


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