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Besiege Update V1.01.11100 |VERIFIED|

Besiege Update v1.01.11100 Adds Two New Blocks and Fixes Several Bugs

Besiege, the physics-based building game where you create medieval siege engines and destroy fortresses and villages, has received a new update that adds two new blocks and fixes several bugs. The update is available now on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Besiege Update v1.01.11100

The two new blocks are the Spring and the Propeller. The Spring can be used to create bouncing mechanisms, catapults, shock absorbers and more. The Propeller can be used to create flying machines, fans, windmills and more. Both blocks can be customized with different settings and colors.

The update also fixes some of the most common bugs reported by players, such as the game crashing when loading certain levels, the camera getting stuck inside blocks, the level editor not saving properly and more. You can see the full list of bug fixes on the official Steam announcement.

Besiege is a game that lets you unleash your creativity and engineering skills as you build machines that can crush castles, wipe out armies, transport resources and more. You can also share your creations with other players online and download thousands of user-made levels and machines from the Steam Workshop.

If you are interested in Besiege, you can buy it on Steam for $9.99 USD or your regional equivalent. The game is also coming to Xbox One, Series XS and Xbox Game Pass on February 10th[^2^].

Besiege is not only a game of destruction, but also a game of creativity and engineering. You can build your machines from various blocks, such as wooden beams, metal plates, wheels, pistons, hinges, rockets, cannons, flamethrowers and more. You can also use logic gates, sensors and timers to create complex mechanisms and contraptions. The game's physics engine allows for realistic interactions between your machines and the environment, as well as spectacular explosions and collisions.

Besiege also offers a variety of gameplay modes and challenges to suit different play styles and preferences. You can play the singleplayer campaign mode, where you have to complete specific objectives and scenarios across four different islands. You can also play the sandbox mode, where you can build and test your machines without any restrictions or goals. You can also play the multiverse mode[^1^], where you can join or host multiplayer sessions with other players online. You can either cooperate or compete with other players in custom maps and modes, such as racing, deathmatch, capture the flag and more.

Besiege is a game that encourages experimentation and imagination, as well as learning from your mistakes and successes. You can always improve your designs and try new ideas, or download and try other player's creations from the Steam Workshop. You can also create your own custom levels and mods using the level editor and modding tools[^1^]. You can share your creations with the community and discover new ways to play Besiege. c481cea774


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