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Starcraft And BroodWar Beta ISO (incl. Beta Gate) 17

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Starcraft And BroodWar Beta ISO (incl. Beta Gate) 17

the state of blizzard is constantly in flux, and in the midst of diablo immortal coming to pc and making that big mobile-only reveal fiasco all for nothing, were also seeing the wide rollout of the overwatch 2 beta. quick vibe check im game for more overwatch, but you shouldnt expect much right now if youre diving directly into the beta.

anyways, the work goes into the battlenet client, and any updates to the client after a patch arent included in the beta. if there were changes to the game, theyd have to be patched into the client and the beta would end. but this changes that: the client is updated by blizzard daily, patching into it as soon as theyre done-around 5am pst. if that patch doesnt include something like a unit update, the player doesnt get it for a bit. maybe just until the next patch is released. which makes the beta look pretty much exactly like the live version.

bf: the other thing is, you know when people say beta its also really important for the patch cycle for the game to not be too big. it started out at a couple months, and then it got pushed to a couple years, and i was like wow, this is going to be a long beta. we were thinking of making it an actual game, and i was like ok, maybe we should push it to like two years, then i can go home. and blizzard had all these things in the works. we were going to be on record as being like "we want it to be a game", and then they were like "we actually want it to be two years". and thats the reason why it changed to two years.

we have a couple of spots left in the beta, and even though weve had a lot of players get in already, we're still looking for more people to apply to get in. if you have any interest in what we're doing, apply at the time! link. 3d9ccd7d82


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