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Foreskin Fury PC Game Free REPACK Download

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build up your manhood and use it to trigger your special abilities. be smart and use them carefully to become the undisputed champion of the arena dynamic and ruthless environments to master the art of the fury, you will need to understand and use your surroundings. bounce over your enemies, sneak behind their backs, spit and transform the terrain or become a dangerous striking shadow. personalized character fury is nothing without style. as you move around, youll find items to personalize and decorate your character. your penis will quickly become a dangerous and stylish weapon, famous and feared in the cruel world of foreskin fury. about the developers hey guys (and gals). were two friends who went from joking about a game that would have dicks fighting against each other to making an actual game. none of us had any experience making games before so we taught ourselves blender and unreal engine along the way. we both have other occupations and do this in our spare time (the amount of which varies during the year). weve put a lot of sweat, blood and tears of laughter (and maybe some other bodily fluids) in this game and our hope is that you also shed some bodily fluids playing it.

it is important to mention that foreskin fury is not free-to-play. in order to play the game you will be required to purchase it. the game is only available for purchase on xbox live, playstation network and steam.

foreskin fury is a first person arena-based hack and slash shooter. the game takes place in a futuristic world where you play as the foreskin fury. the character you use to play the game is your own penis and you can use it as a sword or gun. its up to you to fight your way through a series of hostile environments. the world is full of enemies and you will need to become fast and adept at dodging, blocking, shooting and using the environment to your advantage. 3d9ccd7d82


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