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Psychedelic Toolbox Vol 2 WAV Serum !NEW!


Psychedelic Toolbox Vol 2: A New Collection of Sounds for Psytrance Producers

If you are looking for some fresh and inspiring sounds for your psytrance productions, you might want to check out Psychedelic Toolbox Vol 2, a new pack from Black Octopus Sound. This pack features 75 cutting-edge presets for Xfer Records Serum, along with a selection of bonus, high-quality 24-bit WAV audio loops and samples.

The presets were designed and produced by Nate Raubenheimer of Protoculture and Shadow Chronicles fame, who is known for his signature sound and style in the psytrance scene. You will find fat basslines, searing leads, gorgeous pads, crystalline plucks, twisted effects and sequences, all with macros pre-mapped for easy tweaking. The presets also include custom noise/attack sources and wavetables, sourced from various synths such as Nord Lead, JP8000, Access Virus, SH101 and more.

The WAV audio loops and samples include multi-sampled psy basses, drones and scapes, ambiences, impacts and risers, kick drums, snares, acid lines, percussive loops, synth bass and chord hits, and vocal elements. All the sounds are royalty-free and ready to use in your commercial projects.

Psychedelic Toolbox Vol 2 is a must-have for any psytrance producer who wants to add some new flavors and dimensions to their tracks. You can get it now from Black Octopus Sound for $34.95 or from W.A. Production for $24.90.

Psytrance is a genre that requires a lot of creativity and experimentation, both in the studio and on the stage. There are many techniques and tricks that can help you create interesting and unique sounds, rhythms, and melodies for your psytrance tracks. Here are some of them:

Use FM synthesis to create searing leads, metallic plucks, and complex textures. FM synthesis is a method of generating sounds by modulating the frequency of one or more oscillators with another oscillator. This can create rich and dynamic timbres that are perfect for psytrance. You can use FM synthesis in plugins like Serum, Operator, or FM8.

Use rhythmizer plugins to create variations and glitches in your loops. Rhythmizer plugins are tools that can slice, rearrange, stutter, reverse, and randomize your audio loops in real time. This can create unexpected and exciting patterns that can spice up your psytrance grooves. You can use rhythmizer plugins like Radiculizer, Glitch 2, or Effectrix.

Use morse code to generate melodic sequences. Morse code is a system of dots and dashes that represent letters and numbers. You can use morse code to create catchy and memorable melodies for your psytrance leads. You can use online tools like Morse Code to MIDI or Morse Code Translator to convert text into morse code and then import it into your DAW as MIDI notes.

Use gate plugins to create rhythmic effects and transitions. Gate plugins are effects that control the volume of your audio signal based on a threshold and an envelope. You can use gate plugins to create pulsing, pumping, or chopping effects that can sync with your tempo and add movement and energy to your psytrance tracks. You can use gate plugins like Gatekeeper, LFO Tool, or VolumeShaper.

These are just some of the tips and tricks that you can use to improve your psytrance production skills. Of course, there are many more techniques and tools that you can explore and experiment with. The most important thing is to have fun and express yourself through your music. ec8f644aee


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