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How To Install Asterisk On Windows 7


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@B Keyport: It is NOT useless for someone who wants to set up a very simple asterisk installation. In this case, this is still working (Kubuntu 19.10, Asterisk 16.2.1, Linphone 4.1.1/3.12) and easy and well explained. Got mine running in under five minutes. If you are not able to setup linphone, you should try google ;)

For those wanting to experiment with an Asterisk PBX, there is no better offering than Asterisk@Home 2.5. And you sure can't beat the price: it's FREE. The only drawback for Windows PC users has been that you needed a dedicated machine on which to install Asterisk@Home with its Linux operating system. Well, that's no longer a problem. Now you can run Asterisk@Home 2.5 with its built-in CentOS/4 Linux operating system as a virtual task on your Windows XP or Windows 2000 system. And, you get an Apache web server with PHP, a SendMail server, the SugarCRM contact management system, and a MySQL database server all rolled into the package at no additional cost. Did I forget to mention: it's still FREE. Better yet, if you happen to have a 2GB USB flash drive, you can carry your new PBX and softphone with you wherever you go and run it on almost anyone's Windows PC.

The magic to make all of this work is the terrific VMware Player which also happens to be free. Just download and install the player from this link to get started. You'll need a Windows PC with at least a 500 MHz processor with 256MB of RAM and about 2 gigs of disk space for this project. Once installed, the VMware Player runs virtual sessions on your Windows machine that look and feel just like any other Windows app... except, in this case, the application is CentOS/4 Linux running Asterisk@Home 2.5. VMware ranks right up there with Asterisk@Home and sliced bread as things you can't and shouldn't live without.

The remaining piece you'll need to get started is Asterisk@Home 2.5 packaged as a VMware application. Lucky for all of us, the fine folks at have done all of that for you. Just download the 560MB ZIP file (587629051 bytes) fro


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