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I am a male of my species; Homo Sapiens, inhabiting the Third rock from our Sun, Resident and Son of the United States of America. An Oatman has fought on both sides of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars of the United States. I can directly trace my roots to Johann Outman of Five Corners, NYC (1600's when it was New Amsterdam- the Notorious Gangs of New York). On the other side of the family; Wilson, I can trace my roots to Sam Wilson, the person you affectionately call Uncle Sam (Please feel free to look it up).

Those who know me- and I mean KNOW me- are aware that I am incapable of:

Backing down from a fight. ANY fight, try me!

Putting up with Unnecessary BullShit. I will call you out EVERY time!

Resisting a Challenge. Please don't dare me.

Watching my Future and that of our Descendants be flushed down the drain. We are the finest example of Civilization our Earth has yet to produce and we have even more potential.

Sucker Punching. You know who you are you Pussies!

Passing the Buck.

Shirking Responsibility. Once again ANY Responsibility whether it be to Myself, Society, or Utopia.

Relinquishing my Firearm unless I'm Dead and even then, you better look for a BoobyTrap.

Stereotypification of Race, Creed, Color, or Religious Beliefs. If you are Plutonian, Have a thing against Dustballs behind the radiator thinking it's a personal plot against you, are Purple with Orange and Brown stripes, and Lucifer is your Personal Saviour; You are OK with me provided: You Pay your Due, Don't beg for money, Keep off my lawn, Don't beat your Wife, Don't Pee in the Pool, Bring your own Beer or Weed, Don't put me down for wanting Peace and Tranquility in this Tragic Comedy known as my Personal Sphere, Mostly keep to yourself, Believe in the American Way so much you and your family have and will Die for It to Protect the Freedoms of our followers, and shed a small tear every time you sing the National Anthem.

I WILL call you out on your SENSIBILITIES, however!


Quiet Selfless Acts of Kindness without looking for Return.

Not Treading On You.

Not taking credit for other peoples accomplishments.

Treating Others not the “Way as I would Have Done Unto Myself”; But “As They would have Done unto Them”.

Babysitting my Society.

Opening Your Eyes to the Things You've Chosen to Forget so that maybe we can do something before it's Too late... Probably is already, but a True Human doesn't know the meaning of the word: “Quit” and Provides for the Welfare of his descendants, Safeguarding their Domicile, not building up Impossible Debt and Destroying their Environment.

Responsibility for his Own actions. That means taking Ownership of your Actions!

Playing Stupid and Acting Smart.

Walking Softly and Carrying a Big Stick.

Treading the Places where Others Fear to Go.

Speaking My Mind.

Questioning Facts. Not Believing Everything I See and Hear. Believing Half of what I See and Nothing that I Hear. Not Believing Something just because It is Written.

Extending My Iron- Clad Word of Honor that I will go to My Death to Ensure. Bank on It!

Allowing You to see me Before I Attack You so that there is No Mistake Who Attacked You. No Hiding behind Anonymity here! Feel free to Question Your Attacker... Who knows? Maybe we can change each others Minds...

Undying Love and Hatred for His fellow Man. It takes a Village To Raise A Child.

Believing in Good and Bad and Refusing to See the Grey Area in between.

Not agreeing with you, but fighting to the death your right to say it.

Fighting so that you can Sleep Safe and Warm at night in your posture-pedic and Wake up to drive your Hummer filled with Fully Automatic AR-15's to Yoga and pick up the Kids at Mixed Martial Arts Training, Without a Passport and Visa to Cross the County-Line while eating a Hot Dog, ordering Pizza, and setting the timer on the Apple Pie in the Jenn-Air convection oven from your HomeLand Security Tap-Free Non-GPS SmartPhone; Content in the knowledge that your Funds are safely protected by the FDIC and not your .44, PitBull, and mattress, and that you will have Money in your Social Security Account when you retire AND You didn't have to turn the Wattage up on the Perimeter Fence surrounding the Family Compound..... You didn't forget to set the Motion-Activated Twin .50's did you? Oh wait, it doesn't matter, the Satellite Tracking Programs will activate the Drone-Guided ICBM for you.

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